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7 Tips for Styling a Viking Tunic

One of the great joys of dressing in historical attire is the immense amount of freedom it offers.

Indeed, taking inspiration from the past gives us the power to meld together several different types of apparel, allowing us to get creative and produce something original.

One such example is the Viking tunic. These tunics have a particularly striking combination that has the potential to draw a lot of attention!

With this in mind, we wanted to put together a quick guide that gives some styling tips for outfits with a Viking tunic.

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1. Choose the Right Fabric

When selecting the right fabric for a Viking tunic, there are a few things to keep in mind. One should first consider the activity they intend to do in Viking clothes, as fabrics ranging from sturdy wool to light linen can be used.

Wool tends to hold up better during more rigorous activities and is generally easier to clean. For more formal occasions, linen offers a unique texture and look; however, frequent washing may be necessary, as it loses its shape and color easily.

Additionally, for a more period-accurate look, one may opt for heavier wool and linens in earthy colors. Avoid any sparkle, metallic, or shiny fabrics as they were not available in the Viking era.

When combining fabrics, choose two that are similarly weighted and textured to ensure a cohesive, sophisticated look. With the right fabric choices, one can create a stunning Viking tunic they can be proud to wear.

2. Accessorize With a Belt

LARP Viking Tunic in Two Tone Blue & Grey Linen Cotton - Etsy Ireland

A belt is a great way to accessorize if you are wearing a tunic and add an extra flair to your overall look. When choosing a belt, it’s best to pick one in a matching or complementary color to the tunic and add a pop of contrast that ties your outfit together. Consider the texture of the belt and tunic when making the right choice, as well.

A standard leather belt can add a rustic look to a light cotton tunic, while a brightly-colored ribbon belt can give a softer look to a woolen tunic with embroidery or decorative edging. Some Viking tunics come with special fittings that can be used to hang jewelry, so a belt with multiple pockets or a slightly thicker design can also be a great way to accessorize with a practical and stylish finish.

3. Pair With Leggings or Pants

Color coordination is key – pick out a color from the tunic pattern and try to match the leggings or trousers with it, either in the same color or one tone darker or lighter. Choose the right length of garment – the Viking tunic should finish at the knee, so choose leggings or trousers that end just above the ankle.

LARP Viking Tunic in Two Tone Blue & Grey Linen Cotton - Etsy

Think about the details – adding a belt or contrast-colored fabric at the hem of the tunic can tie the look together and add a finished feel. Lastly, accessorize to complete the look – look for statement jewelry, bold shoes, or headpieces that complement the colors of the tunic and leggings or pants.

4. Add a Cloak

Cloaks provide a certain regality to the look and add an element of protection from the elements. When selecting a cloak, it is important to match the color of the cloak to the rest of your ensemble. Choose a color that complements the tone of the tunic and make sure to select a cloak with simple detailing.

When wearing your cloak, it is important to make sure that the fabric is not too heavy, as this can weigh down the overall look. It is also important to ensure that the length of the cloak is long enough to cover the tunic and keep you warm but not too long that it is dragging on the ground.

5. Wear the Right Footwear

For authentic Viking styling, look for pieces that feature leather straps, buckles, and fur to create a rugged aesthetic. Heavy, thick leather boots are the best choice for complete and accurate Norse styling, as they provide both warmth and durability. Waist-high boots with a wide circumference are also a good option for added warmth and dramatic flair.

When in doubt, opt for a dark, rich color like brown or black to provide a classic and customizable aesthetic. Also, make sure that the boots provide ample ankle support, as a tunic can require a bit more movement when compared to a traditional pair of jeans or trousers.

6. Accessorize With Jewelry

Accessorizing a Viking tunic with jewelry is a great way to take your look to the next level. If you want to be subtle, consider a pair of plain silver or bronze rings, a string of wooden or stone beads around your neck, or a few small metal medallions. If you feel bold, you can go all out with wide, intricately-designed torc or arm rings – the options are endless.

When looking for jewelry pieces, Viking-era materials and designs are preferred, like silver and gold with primitive, knot-work motifs. Traditionally, men would don necklaces and armrings, while women often wore brooches and rings.

Multiple small pendants, often depicting symbols of the gods, can provide an all-encompassing look. Have fun with it – these ancient warriors did not take style lightly!

7. Experiment With Hairstyles

To ensure your hair looks in tune with the era, let your natural texture dictate your style. In most cases, Viking hair was left long, flowy, and slightly unkempt. Consider loose waves and curls, tucked away Viking braids – long and thick pieces of hair woven intricately together – and a topknot, a classic Viking style.

For added visual interest, add touches of faux fur or cloth wrapped around your hair at the crown. Experiment with different ribbon, trinket, and fabric-wrapped styles for a unique look.

Additionally, accessories like barrettes can help to keep your hair in place during battle and at festivities. And of course, to top it all, don’t forget to buy a mens tunic here.

Try These Tips for Styling a Viking Tunic

For a modern take on the traditional Viking tunic, add a few accessories such as a belt or some buttons. Remember, the simpler the better! Get creative and express your style.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can be a fashion icon in your next Viking-inspired outfit. Shop Now and get inspired!

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