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Awesome Ways Video Production Is Transforming the Business World

You might have noticed a trend in recent years, and that’s the video medium taking more of a central role practically everywhere. Streaming is an easy one. But videos are being heavily promoted on all main social media – even ones that are meant to be photo-based, like Instagram! Videos have even made their way into our conference rooms and meetings.

We know for a fact that videos are attracting a lot more attention and being much more heavily promoted. But how does such a big change translate into the business world? Here are just a couple of ways video has changed business – for the better!

Video Is Convenient

Video is the ultimate convenient medium, for the viewer of course. They can just sit back, relax, and they can passively take in information. This eliminates the extra steps the potential customer has to take in order to make the judgment of whether they want to purchase your product or service. Convenience is king. The more convenient something is, the better it is for business.

Any Business Anywhere Can Benefit From Video

We all operate on the same internet, which means the same algorithms apply to all of us. Whether you’re watching a Singapore corporate video or a US online marketing video. There are a few differences in the kind of content you watch when you cross certain borders, but they’re not significant enough for you to dramatically alter your video marketing strategy.

Video Keeps People Engaged

Since it’s both a visual and auditory medium, video is much more likely to catch and hold someone’s attention for at least a little while. The average website visitor actually spends 88% more time on a website with video content on it. That nearly doubles the time you have with them! In a world where having as many eyes on your product for as long as possible is key, video is a perfect medium for any type of business.

Video Boosts SEO

This may or may not be news to you, but having video content dramatically improves your SEO score. It’s rumored that Google prioritizes search results with video over ones without video. An important factor of SEO is also how much time a visitor spends on your website, as well as how many backlinks go back to your site.

As we mentioned, video is a great medium for catching and keeping someone’s attention for a longer period of time. If your content is high-quality, you’ll also get a lot more backlinks. You can see why businesses are starting to realize that Google prioritizes sites that have video content on them.

Nowadays, consumers’ attention span is continuously declining, people would rather watch a video than read an article. This is why video is quickly becoming the reigning medium and the most profitable one for businesses. It’s easy to see why this medium has become such a hit in the business world. And it only looks like it’s going to become more central to businesses going forward.


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