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Chris Boyle established British Supplements in 2015 with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the dietary supplement market. His general objective was to improve product quality by combining scientific studies with the way nutritional supplements worked.

British Supplements set up specialized labs where they rigorously investigate problems and provide remedies targeted at enhancing people’s health. British Supplements stands out because they are dedicated to remaining a small, independent business that puts people’s health first.

They take satisfaction in being independent of powerful pharmaceutical corporations and rules set by the government. With its current headquarters in Northern Ireland, British Supplements is committed to meeting its clients’ health needs with premium, scientifically supported dietary supplements.

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Clean Genuine Magnesium:

British Supplements prioritizes excellence in their goods and is dedicated to providing the finest quality Clean Genuine Magnesium. They work hard to provide some of the most potent supplements available, making sure that clients get useful and significant products.

In order to emphasize purity and transparency in their formulations, British Supplements does not use any fillers, binders, or bulking agents in its supplements. To further ensure the quality and safety of their supplements, British Supplements manufactures Clean Genuine Magnesium in the UK under strict quality standards and guidelines.

Each capsule contains 67.86mg of elemental magnesium and 702mg of magnesium mix. Magnesium is sold as 2 per day, making the daily recommended intake 1,404 mg (135.72 mg elemental).


The potent supplement provided by British Supplements is made from Curcuma longa, also known as turmeric and its roots. It’s crucial to remember that this is not your ordinary spice or color dye, though. The proprietary turmeric extract from British Supplements offers a substantial improvement in potency.

Each 580mg pill is equivalent to an astounding 38,280mg of real turmeric spice according to a phenomenal extraction ratio of 66:1. Their product stands out thanks to its exceptional strength, which also highlights its potential advantages for individuals looking for turmeric’s benefits. The suggested daily intake for this product is up to 2 capsules. For optimum absorption and efficiency, it is suggested that you take each capsule with a glass of water.


Ashwagandha is a tiny green shrub with brown roots that is indigenous to parts of India and Africa. Withanolides make up an astonishing 7.9% of British products’ Ashwagandha products, which is much more than the average 5% seen in most Ashwagandha products.

The potency and potential advantages of their Ashwagandha supplement for people seeking its health benefits are highlighted by the high amount of Withanolides in their formulation. The Ashwagandha supplement from British Supplements has 21.4mg of Withanolides and 858.6mg of Ashwagandha extract in each dosing of 2 capsules.

The supplement also contains 95.4 mg of their proprietary uptake blend. This combination emphasizes the strength and focused advantages of their Ashwagandha product because it is equivalent to a sizeable 8,586mg of the whole herb.


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