Seamless Search

Find What You’re Looking for Seamlessly with Seamless Search

We’ve all been there before – you need to find something on the internet, but you’re not sure where to start looking. Google searches aren’t working, or if they are, the results are overwhelming and not at all helpful. If only there was an easier way to find what you’re looking for seamlessly! Well now there is! Meet Seamless Search – your next favorite search engine that enables you to easily find exactly what you want without having to search all over the place.

How search works today

Searching today is a challenge. Often, we use multiple devices to search. We have to switch between different browsers and use a variety of search engines just to find what we are looking for. And the results are not always that great. Imagine using an advanced search engine that seamlessly finds what you’re looking for – regardless of device or browser type? That’s where Seamless Search comes in! It allows you to define preferences so that you only get filtered results that match your needs!

Where people struggle with search

Struggling to narrow down your search results. With over 15 billion items in the global shopping marketplace, making sense of all the options can be a time-consuming process. We know that a majority of shoppers today start their shopping experience on Amazon and when they don’t find what they are looking for, they jump to the next retailer’s site.

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Why seamless matters

While some people go to the mall to browse and try on clothes, most people go online. That’s where this innovative new search engine comes in handy. If you type in a store like Macy’s, it’ll pull up every item available in that store — including similar items by other designers. For example, if you type in Ralph Lauren as your first search term, it’ll provide links to over 13 thousand different items from designer labels such as Polo Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger.

How seamless search can be applied

Google launched a new feature called Seamless Search. It makes searching the internet so much easier because now you can seamlessly search all of Google. For example, if you want to find something related to Fashion and save the link on your computer, that’s not a problem! All you have to do is search the words Fashion and then click the Google Drive icon on the side of your screen. Click the one labeled Add to Drive and voila!

Steps towards making search seamless

When you use a search engine, you only get the top 20 results from Google. This can be troublesome if you need something from a category that is not represented on the first page. When you use Seamless Search, it searches every single website and gets better results. For example, if you are looking for history professors who live in New York City, but most of the articles are about history professors who live in Boston, then this will still come up as a result. It also has more features like helping to find relevant articles by analyzing their content to see how they are related to your topic.

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