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Getting Insight of The Neopixel Light Sabres and the Anakin Lightsaber


The Neopixel saber is changing the way normal and ordinary sabares are made. For example, Superneox is one of the companies that make both cheap and high-end Neopixel lightsaber and Anakin lightsabers and many other fascinatin products that pulls the heart strings of the liht sabers fans.

How Neopixel Lightsaber Came to Be

Since they first came out in theatres around the world, movie fans from all over the world have found them. The “Jedi” and “Sith” have very complicated weapons that become another thing that makes the world of Star Wars unique. This mystery comes from the fact that this equipment, whose use represents power and honour, is hard to figure out. Besides that, it comes from combining sci-fi and fantasy ideas.

The lightsaber isn’t the same as it was in the Star Wars era. The difference between the sabres used in the original movie (tube and rod props) and the high-tech CGI sabres used in the prequels shows how movies have changed over time. After each new update, these weapons got even more beautiful and interesting.

Features of Neoixel Lightsabers

● Pre-Installed Colors of blades: There are upto 12 diverse colors that can be changed at the touch of a simple button. Thus making it easier for users to use it. The wide range of colors include red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, and many more.

● Pre-installed Soundfonts: There are basically 22 distinct soundfonts which gets effected by blade lighting and thus go along with it.

● Effects of Blade Light: Blade light effects in numerous ways whic includes color swap, saber lock-up effect, sting tip melt, neutral light, blaster deflection, and stable and unstable colors

● Sound Effects: Superneox’s Neopixel lightsaber board comes with already installed sound effects which comes along with blaster, tip melt effect and background music, saber lock, and blaster deflection.

● Smooth Sweep: Saber makes realistic lightsaber sounds in response to movement. The latest soundboard offers precise and controlled saber movement sounds

● Flash-on-Clash: When two sword blades of Superneox’s Neoixel lightsaber collide with each other or other objects, they create a distinctive lightsaber flash, making a fascinating preview for the users.

● Rechargeable Battery: The built-in charging port with a powerful rechargeable battery eliminates the need to constantly replace AAA batteries. Battery charger available.

● Extended Battery: While most sabers use a 1200mAh battery, Superneox allows the user to utilizethis saber upto a acoule of days as it packs a more powerful 3000mAh battery.

Superneox is an expert with light sabres

Superneox makes many different kinds of Star Wars lightsabers. They have what you’re looking for, whether you want something cheap or something very special. They have many kinds, such as the original Jedi and Sith models. Neosphot, for example, is Superneox’s well-known neopentyne sword line.

Reasonable Rates of Lightsaber

Superneox allows its users to purchase a high quality neon lights at a reasonable rates. Thus, making all the users to avail what they are selling. Lightsaber fans also have several other options to satisfy their enthusiasm because everyone can find a fun Star Wars toy at a price they can afford and this feature makes superneox a global star.

Special deals only for you

Also, guess what? Superneox will be up to this Christmas! As they get ready for Black Friday, you can expect special deals and low prices, like on Anakin lightsaber handle. They will be going on an exclusive sale where you can get the products at the budget-friendly rates. There sale and promotion will be live which further allows the user to purchase Neopixel saber, Anakin lighsaber, and many more.

Awakening the Inner Force

Come on, you just need to find your inner strength! Even Neox works with TXQ Sabres, who also love giving their customers good deals and keeping their prices low so that any sabre lover can afford them. Superneox joins hands with TXQ saber which makes it a super efficient and passionate about pproviding budget-friendly and high-quality sabers epecially, Neopixel lightsabers and Anakin lightsabers.


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