Items to Keep Handy During Your Period

Your period can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Some women have to miss work and school during their periods, while others choose to carry tampons or pads around with them everywhere they go.

You may have heard that there are other options for dealing with your period besides using disposable products—and you’re right! There are many items you can keep on hand at home or in your bag that will help you deal with menstruation more easily.

Reusable period pads

Reusable period pads are a great option for those who are committed to doing the right thing for their health and the planet. They’re also more comfortable, absorbent, affordable and eco-friendly than disposable products. But reusable period pads should be used with care so that they last longer than one cycle.

According to WUKA, these pads are “Great for medium flow days, and hold up to 15ml of period blood. It’s great for a backup when you don’t have any regular pads on you as it is super soft and absorbent.”

A heating pad

A heating pad is a must-have item on your period. It can help to relieve pain and cramps in your lower back, which can also help to increase blood flow. A heating pad can be placed over the lower abdomen or back and left on for 20 minutes at a time.

You may want to consider an old-fashioned hot water bottle rather than using a modern heating pad. Hot water bottles are reusable and will last for years, unlike disposable heat pads that you’ll have to keep buying as they wear out. A hot water bottle is also cheaper than disposable pads since you don’t have to buy new ones every month!

A water bottle

Keeping a water bottle within reach is key to staying hydrated. Without proper hydration, you risk feeling dizzy and lightheaded, which can make even the most mundane tasks feel like a chore.

To keep your water close by, try carrying a small bottle of water with you at all times. You can fill it up at any sink or fountain—or even use it to refill your period-specific cup (more on that in a moment). If you’re worried about the taste of tap water and want something more palatable, try buying affordable reusable bottles online or pick some up at your local dollar store.


Ibuprofen is a pain reliever that can help you with menstrual cramps, headaches, bloating and back pain. The drug works by stopping the production of prostaglandins—excess amounts of which cause inflammation and pain.You should always check with your doctor before taking ibuprofen to ensure that it’s safe for you to take while menstruating. Also be aware that this medicine can cause gastrointestinal bleeding when taken at high doses over time or while also taking other medications (including aspirin). However, if your doctor gives the OK and you’re careful not to exceed recommended dosages or take it with other drugs, ibuprofen will likely provide enough relief from your period symptoms so that even those who normally suffer from debilitating menstrual pains will find their periods more comfortable than usual!

These items can help you to get through your period with fewer difficulties.

  • Reusable period pads:
  • Heating pad:
  • Water bottle:
  • Ibuprofen:

We hope that we’ve given you some ideas for how to make your period a little easier on yourself. If you’re still struggling with the physical and emotional effects of menstruation, or if you want more information on how to treat them, check out our guide here.


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