Roof repairs are what we specialize in. If your roof has been damaged or leaking or leaking, our experienced roofing specialists are at Sunrise Roofing and Chimney, Inc. can be there assist you. We serve every part in Nassau along with Suffolk County, Long Island. With roof repair. Long Island residents have been dependent on Sunrise Roofing and Chimney for more than 15 years.

We’ll determine the cause of the roof issue so that you know what options are available to you. If there is a minor issue to your roof, it must be dealt with immediately to avoid more extensive or costly repairs.

If you are in need of repairs and installations of your roof make sure you select the Roof Repair in Long Island that is licensed and certified to work on your property. Our roofers are acquainted with Long Island and operate all across Nassau as well as Suffolk County.

What can I do to tell if I’m sure that my ROOF is in need of REPAIR or REPLACEMENT?

Repairing your roof in Long Island can be stressful especially during the time of hurricanes. The most reliable indicator of when your roof needs repairs or replacements is to observe:

  • Shingles are missing
  • Shingles that peel; are easily snared off by winds
  • Bubbling
  • The plywood is sunk and may contain stains or mold. sinking
  • Roof Leaks


Each roof is unique. In the majority of cases we are able to fix the specific area of the roof that is damaged however, all cases are treated on a case by situation basis. Our roof repair experts will inspect your roof to ensure that you receive exactly what is required to correct the issue. Sometimes, only a minimal roofing installation is necessary. It’s all contingent on the extent of the damage.

Other instances could involve the damage caused by snow or dams of ice. Snow accumulation can cause roof leaks. Roof leaks can be prevented from happening by taking a look at the roofing snow removal services. Roof snow removal can keep you from having to replace a complete roof.

Costs to repair a roof

Reconstruction of roofs in Long Island vary in cost and don’t have standard pricing due to a variety of factors:

* Roof size

* The type of shingle

* The number of layers

* Roof pitch

Repairs to roofing and the installation of the system will depend on the location. The houses located on Long Island are all built differently, so roofs differ based on the length, size and the extent that the roofing.


Sunrise Roofing and Chimney repairs various roofs. Some of these roofs comprise:

  • Flat Roofs
  • Gable Roofs
  • Hip Roofs
  • Plus

How long does it take to REPAIRING A ROOF?

The amount of time required to finish roofing work can be as low as two hours to complete a minor repair, or as long as up to two weeks for full roof replacement. The length of time required to finish a job depends on what size roof we’re fixing or replacing.


We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers up to 10 years of the labour, and up to 30 years for material, based on the maker. Our staff is honest and honest. After examining your roof, we’ll be able to discuss your options with you. We offer 100% free and accurate estimates for work that is reliable.

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