Stylish Beachwear & Swimwear for Summer 2023

The summer months in the UAE start from the last week of April. Summer can be hot and sunny with temperatures soaring up to 48-49 °C. Luckily, quite a few beaches like Marina Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, and others add some relief to the scorching heat. If you plan to visit the beach soon, you will need beachwear and swimwear. Fortunately, there are some very high-quality swimwear products for women to style this season.

However, choosing apparel for the beach is often a tough deal. Mostly because there are plenty of options that confuse buyers, so if you are here to find some good advice and tips, Take a look at our ultimate guide to selecting stylish beachwear & swimwear for summer 2022.

Women’s Swimwear for Summer 2023

The right swimwear will look the best on your body. But, selecting it might be a case of trial and error. From the tons of products that you find in online stores, many would look alluring and tempt you. But, choosing the right swimwear and beach suit needs patience. The objective is simple, i.e., you need to look flawless in that apparel while feeling comfortable. Follow the points written below carefully.

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All-in-one Swimsuits

All-in-one swimsuits and bathing suits are every woman’s go-to when heading to the beach or lounging by the pool. Swimsuits are perfect when it comes to flattering your shape. Choose a timeless black swimsuit for a slimming effect or a one-piece swimsuit with cut-out or other inspiring shapes for added edge. You can also choose vibrant prints, bold block colors and feminine designs that will help to transform your beachy look.



When buying beachwear, the goal is simple here, i.e., you need a product that makes your body look balanced. If a swimsuit isn’t your thing, then bikinis are a great choice when it comes to leveling up your look with ease. Discover a range of matching two piece bathing suits that look great whether you’re heading off on vacation or are heading for a dip in the pool. Go for fascinating prints that are sure to stand out or keep it laidback with more neutral shades from nude, to brown, cream and black.

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Kimonos & Cover Ups

Your swimwear collection wouldn’t be complete without beachwear cover-ups, including kimonos, kaftans and wrap skirts. Finish off every look by layering an ultra-stylish beach cover up over your swimwear of choice and you’ll always feel effortlessly on trend. Whether it’s a wrap skirt to add warmth as you take an evening stroll across the beach or a floaty kimono to style for unreal poolside couture, you’ll always be able to curate the perfect beachwear outfit.

Tips for Buying Swimwear & Beachwear

The beach apparel you buy will be your perfect companion for beach hours. It’s not that tough to find a product that is comfortable, fashionable and a flattering piece of clothing for your collection. You can go for wraparound sarongs, bikini tops, bottoms, swimwear with floral designs, one-pieces, etc. Wearing the right dress will always make you look confident and appealing.

What’s the most appealing color for Swimwear?

When choosing a swimsuit, the most obvious choice for most women is black. Black simply looks bold, elegant, classy, and confident.

Find contrasting color shades or designs to make you look fabulous while on the beach. Besides black, one should choose the color of beachwear that complements your skin tone. So, if you have a fair tone, go for deeper colors like shades of navy blue, purple, or red. And women with a dark or pale tone will look dazzling in light shades of yellow, green, pink, or orange.

However, if you are finding shades that will make your body look tanned, you can buy bright-colored bikinis. Scarlet, fuchsia pink, coral green, or dark brown swimwear will give you a more tanned look.

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In short, the right apparel will always give that bold and attractive beach look. Choosing the right beachwear becomes easier when you know the determining factors. In this article, you read about the top four criteria that will help you choose stylish swimwear for this summer. The choices are plenty, from bikini tops to bottoms that come in flamboyant colors.


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